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Due to the Heartbleed bug there has been a large influx of invalid users due to compromised email accounts.  Admin has been paring them out of the system, if your account was deleted we apologize please let us know.   

It is that time of year again. Some call it spring. We at LSJ call it con season. If you are interested in judging at Origins or GenCon, please email me at I will be setting up an FB page like we did last year to assist with organization and such.

It is finally here!

The Online WiSJ schedule and registration is located at this link:

We need judges and players and both can sign up here.

A few announcements!
Anyone writing for the major cons next year ( GenCon and Origins ) need to have your blurbs and submission forms into us no later Jan 15 2014
We are currently working on a theme for this years cons. I will start a thread for feedback and we will decide no later then 12/15/13
Mods for Origins are due no later then 3/15/14 and for GenCon 6/1/14. These are firm dates and will not be changed. If you need more time you will have to talk with the editor. We need time to playtest and edit and make sure these cons have mods that 100% ready. Going forward deadlines must be met.
As always we are looking for writers and we are still looking for a story and content editor to help our lead editor. Please feel free to e-mail us if you have an idea you wish to write about or you would like to help. No serious offers will be ignored!
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