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We want to say Happy Thanksgiving and warm Holiday Wishes to all those who play our game and enjoy our setting. A special thank you to all those that make this site possible.

Thank you Jason and Rick!!


 I know it is early but since GenCon and Origins are so close to one another I just want folks to get submissions in by Jan 1 Please. We need to plan out the whole year. All cons and premiers need to be planned for so we can make sure we have enough mods for con season. Thank You all



Be sure to check the Convention News page for the latest updates on events


Well gang, the recovery from GenCon is approaching. It’s not quite here yet, but it is getting closer. After a comedy of errors, GenCon unable to count to 8, overselling slots and other such excitement, we hit an all time high on number of players. 534 people played LSJ in 4 days. I consider this a win!

A special thanks to the judges: Ruby Weatherbee, Brad Sheller, MichaelFulaytarRobert HitzDavid IschRyan McDonald, Damian Miller, Daniel Lewis, Jacob Harner, David SamuelsGary DriskellLynn MillerEric Victor Clark and Leigh Montano.

As always, a special thanks to my family, Robert W.M., Leigh and Eric for tolerating my own special brand of crazy. It takes a village to keep me from completely losing my mind and they are my village.

We had a great turn out and I am thrilled with the number of players, the response and the repeat customers. I do believe a good time was had by all.



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