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WiSJ for on-line play 2015

 OK folks here it is ( Please log in and sign up for games and Judging so we can start the fun. We hope you all get a chance to play and have a great time. We will likely be using Skype and RollD20 for game play. If this your first time please direct all question to

Thank you!

Now that 2015 is upon us the staff is looking forward to another great year but we are all going to need help. If you want to help shape the game and are willing to put in the work and know that it will be appreciated please let us know. We have many projects that need work and this will not get done with out your support.
Last Year the DL Committee ( David S x2, David Isch, Rob Hitz, Andy Polen and others ) helped us get a document out that David Samuels worked on for 8 years to get approved.
We as a group raised over $3000 for Wounded Warriors. We are very proud of this.
Last year saw our GenCon Numbers go up yet again. We need to try and improve Origins this year and that is a goal.
We are looking forward to many things in the coming year. I hope everyone will enjoy what we have in store.

 A special thank you to all those that make this site possible.

Thank you Jason and Rick!!


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