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    Blank Plot Form -
    LSJ Campaign Author And Editor Guide - So, you want to write a Legends of the Shining Jewel scenario? It's not as difficult as it sounds. Writing any tournament is a labor of love. Writing for the LSJ Campaign presents special challenges because of the tight focus on plot and continuity. But don't panic! Remember, we're here to help you!
    LSJ Campaign Author Guide -
    LSJ Consortium Share Redemption Rules August 2006 - Consortium Share Rules
    LSJ LoTS April 2010 PF - Located in the Services District, the League of Thaumaturgical Studies is a non-teaching institution created by those in Amthydor who have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of the arcane arts.
    LSJ Module List - This is a listing of all current mods to assist with tracking
    LSJ QoF April 2010 PF - While many faiths on Raia have much adversity towards one another, the Quorum of Faith (QoF) is a grouping of individual faiths fostering a common goal: the spiritual and physical well-being of Amthydor's citizen and it's guests.
    LSJMetaorg DiamondLegion V1 - The Diamond Legion is both the military and law enforcement arm of Amthydor.
    LSJTableBuddyRules - Ever have a group of 3 players and couldn’t make a valid table to play anLSJ event? I’m sure you have. While we try to make it as easy as possible to play our events, having a table of only 3 characters is very risky. Thus, to accommodate your needs and keep you “safe” on your ventures, we’ve come up with a compromise: the “Table Buddy.”
    New Author Tips - LSJ Author and Editor Tips
    Raia World Map - The World of Raia
    Summary Of Changes LSJ Campaign Guide August 2010 - This document only provides a summary of the significant changes. Alterations to formating, spelling and grammar are not addressed in this document. This document does not eliminate the need for the LSJ Campaign Guide Pathfinder Edition. It is only a temporary summary of immediate changes, to allow play to continue uninterrupted until the 2010 v1.5 revision to the LSJ Campaign Guide becomes available to players.
    Temples and Shrines in Amthydor - Temples and Shrines in Amthydor
    WorldPrimerPlayerRelease 04 08 - Raia has a 365-day year, divided into 13 months of 28 days each, plus a day at the turning of the year for ‘Raiasdaea’ or ‘Creation Day’, a day when the people of Raia celebrate the deities and the creation of the world.