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Topic: The Shrine
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The Shrine
on: October 15, 2013, 20:42

It has been just over a year, I wanted to do this exactly one year from the day so that the consecration would not wear off, sadly it was not to be. The preparations and efforts to aid the people of Jadenspur and deal with Raiasfall of the godling, in addition to my own physical weakness of the time prevented me from doing so. Now that things have calmed down, and I am in better shape, I felt it was time to full this obligation.

Neandra and Lukus both requested to go with me when I returned to recast the hallow spell upon the shrine, and when he found out where we were going, Winford also wished to accompany us, lucky for me that he did because my caretaker while I recover from my awakening was unable to accompany us.

So we set forth from Amthydor, traveling in easy stages, west towards the shrine. We made it to Freereign after two days of easy travel. We made arrangements for a couple of rooms to rest before continuing on our way. The next morning, after eating a meal at the inn, we proceeded to retrace our path, crossing the river and heading into the Whitewold to the shrine.

The shrine stands a goodly distance back in the forest, a large stone edifice. I created it from a wall of stone spell, and then altered its appearance via stone shape. On the surface of the shrine, there is an inscription: Here lie the warped bodies of the Unliving Ones. May they find the rest in Death they were denied in Life.

Having arrived at our destination, and saying a prayer for the souls whose twisted remains lay here, I begin to lay out the instruments of the ritual. Arranging various herbs and oils around me so that they are ready for the casting, I light a first stick of incense while my companions begin to set up a camp sight near by and to watch over me during this delicate and involved process. Casting of this spell takes a full day of time, and most of that is lost in the haze of incense and labor as I perform the various aspects of the ritual, but when I am done, the area radiates a pale silvery light that makes one feel like those laid to rest in this place will be soothed wherever their souls have gone to.

When I have finished the casting, I simply collapse from exhaustion and hunger. Having expected this, I am eased down by Winford, and given a light meal of stew that Lukus has cooked. I manage to eat it before I get Neandra’s aid in taking care of the necessities and making my way into my bedroll. Too exhausted to be moved further, and feeling completely safe in the now re-consecrated ground of a shrine belonging to my god, I rest perhaps the most peaceful sleep since I awoke from my transformation. The next morning we begin to make our return trip, stopping again in Freereign for a night and then onto Amthydor and home.

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