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Topic: Black Sails
Lukus Fiend
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Black Sails
on: March 7, 2014, 08:17

We have a Pirate Campaign we play that isn't LSJ but is a lot of fun. Back in January I found that Stars and Encore were starting a Series called "Black Sails". I got Stars just so I could watch it. It follows characters from treasure Island and real world pirates. It has a lot of violence and nudity which I like but I wouldn't let a kid watch it. What I have found neat it they use real world tactics and actual show you how the boats and things worked. They show a ship chase that lasted hours and all the prep and having to deal with the sails and wind to catch the other ship. They showed how they figure how fast they were moving in knots. More then once a gun has failed to shot because of wet powder, splintering of the wood walls on a ship killing more people then the actual cannon ball, diseases from the whores. It also has a lot of side stories.

If you like Pirates you will like this show. I think you can watch it online or if you have Stars. Its a short season. Only 8 episodes but well worth your time if you like this kind of stuff.

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