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LEGENDS OF THE SHINING JEWEL (LSJ) is an ongoing living-style city of AMTHYDOR (TM), a city set in the player-created World of RAIA (TM). The LSJ Campaign uses the Pathfinder Rolelaying Game system and is for the mature, serious-minded role-players. Players will create their own Player Characters (PCs) that will advance and grow in LSJ Campaign tournaments. The campaign contains elements of High Fantasy, High Magic, High Intrigue, and High Role-playing. Originally started as a developmental project by the Universe Construction Company (UCC) for TSR, Inc. in 1992, the project has evolved beyond what TSR (or even WIZARDS OF THE COAST) expected, and continues to grow several years later.

The LSJ Campaign will feature High Fantasy.
Creatures and settings that can only exist in our imagination are frequently encountered. Emphasis is placed on enabling and maintaining a spirit of wonder, surprise, amazement, fear, and glory during game play. Consideration of mundane practicalities and everyday life bookkeeping will exist but will be kept to a minimum. “Anything is possible” in this corner of the multiverse.

The LSJ Campaign will feature High Magic.
The World of RAIA is full of magic, both known and lost, and can be described as being a High Magic setting. It is important to realize that a High Magic setting does not necessarily mean that there will be magic items around every corner. There will be a logical reason why magic items exist in tournaments, and it will be up to the campaign staff to make sure that the quality and quantity of magic made available in the campaign is up to our exacting standards.

The LSJ Campaign will feature High Intrigue.
Not everything is black and white in the LSJ Campaign. It is extremely important for players/PCs to determine who is working in their best interests and who is not. There will be many shades of gray in this intrigue-oriented campaign. Players have the ability to “take sides” in differing aspects of society as well as be tempted by darker forces. Any action or choice made by the player characters could have several repercussions, both positive and/or the negative. Not all PC actions lead to happy endings, but not all actions will result in failure either. The actions and choices made by the PCs during various LSJ tournaments will result in a variety of tournament conclusions that can (and will) affect the campaign story lines.

The LSJ Campaign will feature High Role-playing.
While combat is a tool to supply a dramatic element to the campaign, it won’t be the rule, nor will it always be obligatory. It is possible to go through some LSJ Tournaments without encountering combat of any sort. Avoiding combat situations through the use of imagination, ingenuity, and role-playing usually rewards the players rather than penalizes them.

The campaign staff has several goals in mind in order to make the LSJ Campaign a fun, playable environment. One of the reasons for LSJ’s previous success was the ability to weave a tapestry of grand-scale storytelling. This is an aspect that is being cultivated and continued. This won’t mean that smaller plots will be unavailable. Quite the contrary; anything that is learned/discovered in one tournament could be very important in another.

One goal will be to meet the players’ needs for varied goals and desires through the Meta-Game Activity /Organization opportunities. There will be a number of developed meta-organizations available and ready for PCs to join. But these meta-activities aren’t the only thing that will be made available for players. Whenever possible, the direction of the campaign will be determined by PC actions that influence tournament outcomes. This is the most important way to ensure that players know that their direct participation or non-participation in an event have an influence on the history and future of LSJ, as if they were playing in a home campaign.

A lot of hard work is being done to make the LSJ Campaign a great place to be. If you have any constructive comments or questions, please feel free to email any of the campaign staff.