Modules are not to be levels 1-21 unless there is no chance for combat effective 2-27-15.

Until an agreement has been made by all those involved in this project, all crafting of magic is on hold!

Please point all questions and comments directly to me (Winford). I am hoping to have this resolved by 5/1/15

This is a change to the Rewards Program:

Receive an un-named bonus to one skill 20 points per bonus point gained Available twice per character on two different skills. Maximum bonus available is +10.


Also want everyone to know that we are no longer using Psionics in the campaign. Any reference to this in the material for this campaign are no longer valid. This was agreed upon by a vote of members and of staff.




    Cert Erratum - Errata of certs from modules 1-60 and Mystic Marketplace prior to the conversion to Pathfinder